Fan Power Control Board


Fan Power Control Board

  • With temperature control probe and alarm probe.
  • Intel standard four-wire fan control protocol, supports all standard four-wire fan interfaces.
  • Single-channel supports up to 12V 5A of fans, the entire board can support a total of 12V 9A current input.
  • Note: can not control the two-wire or three-wire fan, can not completely turn off the fan! This means fans with less than 4 wires will be powered at full input power and no PWM control.


Easily Power Multiple Fans With A Fan Power Control Board 

Nominal operating voltage: DC12V

Circuit load capacity: maximum current per output 5A, the bus currents up 9A
Output Range: The first channel 20% -100%, or 40% -100% (TFL = ON)
10% -100% of the second path and the third path
Note: The above range only PWM range, the actual fan control effect will vary depending on the fan.
Temperature probe parameters: 50K B = 3950
Thermostat temperature zone error: error depending on the temperature probe, generally 3-5%
Stall alarm minimum speed: 700-800 rpm

Additional information

Weight1.6 oz
Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 in


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