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With the use of our 3D printed adapters we have made it simple, easy and convenient for you to convert any ordinary 5-gallon bucket into a habitable and well ventilated chamber for growing plants yourself. 

Our new design contours to the curvature of the bucket, has a lower profile and is stronger than ever.
We made the adapters stronger by utilizing support brackets. These brackets not only serve to strengthen the adapter but they also function as attachment points for our new vent system. 

Due to the close proximity of a plant and the confinements of the bucket it is important not to leave the plants vital organs exposed to the 2500+RPM spinning blades of a PC fan. Our new vent system solves this by protecting your plant and directing airflow in a more efficient manner. 

Item will be printed out of Black PLA filament, this keeps light leakage to a minimum and creates a nice aesthetic finish to your Space Bucket. 

* A total of (6) standard PC fan screws and (2) washers will be included.
* Vents and fans sold separately

We have 2 methods of how you can attach a PC Fan onto our adapters and adapters to bucket:
1. Use the included (6) standard PC Fan screws to screw the fan directly into the prefabricated screw holes of the adapter.
2. Purchase the Nuts and Bolts set. 


Installation Instructions:


1. First you'll have to determine the size and total amount of fans you'll be mounting. 
(We recommend two for intake and one for exhaust)

2. Once you have purchased your High-Tech3D adapter(s) you'll need to take your time to very carefully and precisely cut out an appropriately sized hole for your fan to ventilate through. 
Simply take the adapter and place it where you desire and trace out the fan cut out. 
*If you have purchased a vent use that as your template.
*Cut on the outside of the line you made, this will serve to make sure that there is enough clearance for the vents to fit through.

3. Now that you have the hole cut out on your bucket, place the adapter over the hole and align it as best you can. Take a drill or thin/sharp object to mark the 2 mounting holes on the left and right of the adapter. Proceed to drill a pilot hole on the marks you created, slightly smaller than the screw diameter. 

4. Finally, use the included (2) screws and washers to mount the adapter onto the bucket. Screw the 2 mounting screws in to the adapters from the inside of the bucket.
*You may choose to heat up the screws slightly to make threading in the screws easier
*Do not over-tighten.

5. Now you can proceed to mount your PC fan onto the flat surface of the bucket and route your wiring as necessary.

PC Fan to 5-Gallon Bucket Adapter

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