3D Printed carbon filter cartridge. Intended to be used in conjunction with our HighTech3D 4 Inch Duct Adapters.


Simply fill the cartridge with your desired odor controlling material, slide the cartridge into the duct adapter, twist and lock.

The ability to filter out unpleasant or unwanted odor hasn’t been easier. Not intended to replace industrial sized carbon filters, when properly filled (cartridge) one can remove a noticeable amount of stench.


This unit is still in its beta and testing stages and is not intended to be used as your sole source of filtering odors.. Currently most standard PC fans are incapable of pushing sufficient air through activated carbon pellets. We’ve utilized carbon odor pads normally used in fume extractors to fill the void within the cartridge while allowing sufficient airflow.


HighTech3D’s recommended set up is a 120mm bucket adapter attached to a Corsair SP120, which is normally used to cool radiators, or preferably an inline duct fan and finally connected to a 120mm duct adapter. Anything smaller than this we advise you specifically utilize an inline duct fan as 80mm and 92mm fans can not sufficiently force air through our current cartridge thickness. With that said, thinner and longer sized cartidges are planned for those who wish to use 80mm with a single or dual carbon pad. The longer versions could be used solely in conjunction with an inline duct fan rather than relying on a PC fan.


Carbon pads are sold separately, you may choose to utilize a different technique.

Carbon Filter Cartridge


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