5-Gallon Bucket Adapters


HighTech3D solves the issue of mounting PC fans to a 5-gallon bucket. By utilizing HighTech3D’s adapters allows you to effortlessly install and service your space bucket.

Finally ventilate with a peace of mind. Worry no more about your precious plants over reaching too far into the blades of the PC fans. With the close confined space of a bucket and the rapid growth of plants our vent system provides you with a line of defense.

Furthermore, HighTech3D’s PC fan to 5-gallon bucket adapters allow you to mount our proprietary vent system directly onto the unit itself. Providing your plants with a line of defense from amputation.

Of course, all mounting hardware is included with your purchase. Installation takes as little as 30 minutes with the use of two mounting screws. Four additional screws are included to mount your PC fan to your bucket adapter.

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