Alternative Currency Now Accepted

Digital Currency Now Accepted

In the spirit of broadening our customers freedom of choice for their payment method we will be integrating bitcoin as an approved payment method for all orders.

Both Paypal and Bitcoin have been integrated into our checkout process so you have the choice between the two when completing your order.


The process is simple: 

  • Shop HighTech3D and fill your cart.
  • Check out using bitcoin.
  • Receive product.



Shop Updates and current standing:

Currently our 3rd Party shop on Etsy will not be accepting bitcoin as a payment method as that is not an available option for us as an eCommerce shop on their platform. However we will be updating the listed products to be in line with our product offerings on our main site here. Products on Etsy have been delayed for several reasons, mainly to drive traffic to our main site.

It is recommended you checkout via the HighTech3D site rather than the Etsy shop as we have taken into account Etsy fees for products listed on that platform.

For products listed on HighTech3D’s main site we have included the cost of shipping into the product price. Orders under one pound will be shipped free, orders greater than one pound will include a discounted shipping fee to account for higher shipping fees.

With that said, if you will be ordering multiple quantities of items we do offer bulk pricing to aid in reducing the cost of large orders. With bulk ordering, the cost per item is reduced however the weight of the items are increased to account for the added mass. This will result in you going over the 1 Lb thresh hold for free shipping quicker than ordering single items.


Unfortunately we will be removing the Bucket Vinyl Black-Out Kit as our source for drop shipping this product has since decided to cease manufacturing them. There is still a small amount of inventory left of said product so the listing for the product will remain on our site until the inventory has been depleted. We apologies if this has altered your plans for your space bucket build in any way.


Thank you for reading and checking out our website. We hope our expansion into Digital Currency will allow you more options when purchasing with us. We ship within the US and Internationally, we would like to remind those outside of the US that if our International shipping prices seem too high when checking out to please contact us so we may give you a more accurate cost.